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Tug Of War

The Tug of War is a team event, up to ten members per team.  There will be multiple rounds, with the winners advancing.  Teams will be made up of Law Enforcement members and Fire Department members, all must be of the same discipline


Participants are asked to donate $50 per team to the Hudson Valley Guns and Hoses to be part of the Hudson Valley Guns and Hoses 9/11 Memorial Tug of War Competition held on September 20, 2014 at Dutchess Stadium.  The Tug of War Competition will be starting at approx 6pm, and will take place in between innings of the baseball game. 


Participants must be active members of Law Enforcement (Police, Corrections or Probation) in Dutchess, Orange, Ulster or Putnam Counties. 


Participants may provide and wear their own gear; gloves, back-belts, etc  to participate.  Participants are encouraged to wear a department t-shirt for the event. Sneakers or boots will only be permitted.


There will be a limit to the number of teams able to participate.  Participation will be determined when payment is received, however ultimately participation is solely at the discretion of the executive committee of the Hudson Valley Guns and Hoses. 


For more information or to sign up for the Tug of War Competition, please contact:


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