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The Executive Committee


Being a new 100% Volunteer organization, we rely totally on members of the community to help us with our mission.  The 9.11.01 Memorial Event Committee is our largest committee and certainly our most active. However, the Winter Classic Committee has put together an event that will amaze you.  Working together to raise money and awareness of these events, this committee has vowed to make our events  the place to be!   



President:                             Will Moore

1st VP:                                    Sal DiPressi

2nd VP:                                   Ed Fenichel

Secretary:                              Julia Eurillo

Treasurer:                             Steve Sansoni




Jeffrey Moseman                          Pat Calamari

Chip Eurillo                                     Steve Reverri

Chris Sample                                  Chris Beyer

Alex Landolina                               Brian Lowe

Joe Wasilewski                                Justin Bohlmann

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